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Monster Hunter World: Bow Tips and Tricks


Monster Hunter World: Bow Tips and Tricks

Bow Tips and Tricks in Monster Hunter World

The bow is one of the three ranged weapons in Monster Hunter World and is a great option should you want to dish out damage on monsters from afar. It’s quite useful and simple to learn for racking up combos fast and targeting specific areas of a monster while staying relatively out of harm’s way, though you should keep an eye on your stamina at all times.

Keeping an optimum distance is key in understanding the damage mechanics of the bow. Try to always stay within a few jumps from the monster you’re battling to inflict the maximum amount of damage you can on the enemy. Three or four jumps should do it, though it’s worth noting that each monster has a specific radius in which they can hit you. Memorizing how far a monster can reach you is key to understanding what distance is far enough to not get hurt but close enough to do some significant damage.

If you’re up against a fast monster or having a hard time dodging attacks, the roll button will be your best friend as an archer. In fact, rolling is actually faster with your bow drawn than running is. Don’t forget about melees while fighting either, as these attacks can sometimes be powerful enough to cut off monster tails should your enemy unexpectedly get too close to you.

If you’re having trouble dealing the right damage, consider charging your bow and running to a monster before firing. This can make the experience as an archer that much less infuriating if the monster you’re dealing with always hits you just as you’re about to fire. Remember that coatings, especially power and poison ones, are your friends too and can aid you in getting in the right shot. Of course, memorizing what each charge shot does can also help a ton and knowing how shot types work against certain monsters (pierce arrows are much better at reaching Gravios’ weak spot than scatter arrows are, for example) can make the hunting experience that much easier.

Just as how some monsters are prone to certain types of elemental damage, it’s worth understanding when it’s best to use scatter, rapid, and pierce shots. Pierce shots are best used against large enemies that have an internal weakness like the aforementioned Gravios and Shen Gao Ren. Rapid shots are best used against monsters with exposed weaknesses or breakable parts, like Khezu and Gypceros. Scatter shots are best at close range whenever you’re dealing with smaller creatures or groups of prey. Knowing what monster you’re up against before starting a quest is pivotal in preparing for it and will make your life a whole lot easier once you start fighting the beast.

Lastly, the environment can be used to any archer’s advantage too, particularly when fighting monsters like Monoblos and Diablos, as these two usually get stuck in cliffs and ledges. If you’re having a tough time dealing with those pesky wyverns, it’s worth noting that standing behind rock pillars usually prevents them from ever getting close enough to hit you.

That’s all the tips and tricks you need to know to be the best archer you can be in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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