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Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack Goes on Sale Next Month

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Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack Goes on Sale Next Month

Only in Japan for now sadly.

For those who can’t quite get enough of the latest Mario game’s soundtrack, Nintendo has its fans covered. Well, some of them at least. On Feb. 28, 2018 the Super Mario Odyssey original soundtrack will be released in Japan.

The soundtrack will contain 136 different songs spread across four disks, including both English and Japanese versions of the vocal songs as well as the full selection of original soundtracks for the various worlds. Also included will be a booklet with comments from the development team, comments from Aimi Mukohara, singer of the Japanese vocal songs, fully English and Japanese Lyrics for “Jump Up, Super Star!” and “Break Free (Lead The Way)”. As well as design details for characters like Pauline.

Also available is the Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection, a collection of 12 tracks available on iTunes. The selection includes most of the world themes as well as both English and Japanese versions of “Jump Up, Super Star!” with instrumental versions included.

Thus far there has been no official word yet on a Western album release, but you can find the soundtrack on Amazon for 4,968 yen or around $44.


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