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Is Lost Sphear Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Lost Sphear Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Lost Sphear Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Tokyo RPG Factory’s I Am Setsuna aimed to bring back the golden days of the JRPG genre. Its charming visuals and Active Time Battle combat made for an enjoyable homage to the long-standing genre. Lost Sphear, deemed the spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna, finally arrives on gaming systems next week, and many players are likely wondering if it’ll be hitting the smash-hit Nintendo Switch.

JRPG fans rejoice! Lost Sphear is making its way to Nintendo Switch, and will be available on Jan. 23 alongside the PS4 and PC versions of the game. The game will be available both in physical and digital form, and we can also confirm that it’ll set you back $49.99 if you want to download it straight onto your Switch from the eShop. If you do want the physical copy, though, you’ll only be able to get it online through the Square Enix store. As such, if you want it in time for release, you may want to get a pre-order down as soon as possible.

That’s just about everything there is you need to know about Lost Sphear’s upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch. For more on Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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