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Lost Sphear: What Do Van’s Bits Do and How to Use Them


Lost Sphear: What Do Van’s Bits Do and How to Use Them

Lost Sphear: What Do Van’s Bits Do and How to Use Them

Lost Sphear, the latest title from Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix, is a spiritual successor of sorts to 2016’s I Am Setsuna. It is very similar in look and feel, and features Chrono Trigger inspired combat, along with some new features in addition to what I Am Setsuna presented.

One of the main characters, Van, has a unique ‘bits’ mechanic as part of his abilities. A lot of his abilities either generate or use bits, but early on, you can only generate them using Target Ray and you don’t really have anything to use them for, leading it to be a little confusing for the first couple of hours as to what the bits actually do. Hang tight a little while into the game and it will make more sense.

As you get more memories from fighting monsters, you’ll eventually be able to trade those memories in for spritnite to attach to your characters. Once you’ve amassed some for Van, you’ll be able to access abilities that make use of the bits that you are generating. Some abilities are powered up the more bits that you have, while some have special effects provided you have bits. So, in summary, if you’re using Van, make sure to mix in bit generating attacks with ones that use them, in order to play him at his maximum effectiveness.

That does it for what Van’s bits do, and how to use them properly in Lost Sphear. For more guides and FAQs on Lost Sphear, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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