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10 Games That Could Carry the Xbox One in 2018


10 Games That Could Carry the Xbox One in 2018

Great games are on the horizon.

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Crackdown 3

Games That Could Carry the Xbox One in 2018

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Talk to Xbox One owners and chances are, they’re very hyped for Crackdown 3. This upcoming entry into the series looks set to carry on in its predecessors’ footsteps, allowing players to become a super-powered law enforcement officer. Alongside taking down crime lords, you’ll probably spend most of your time speeding around in a futuristic car, leaping onto skyscrapers, or destroying entire blocks with explosives.

Alas, Crackdown 3 has been on the Xbox One’s release schedule for quite some time. Having faced numerous delays since its initial reveal in 2013, we’re actually not all that wiser about the story or more in-depth details of the game. Here’s hoping 2018 will finally allow us to dive into the cloud-powered multiplayer destruction and epic single-player story.

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