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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: When TOTY Players Are in Packs


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: When TOTY Players Are in Packs

When TOTY Players Are in Packs in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

With Team of the Year (TOTY) finally here in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode, you’ll surely be doing everything you can to get the players into your team. As has been the case for the last few years, the release of TOTY players will be staggered, starting with the forwards.

Today, the forwards (Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi) were confirmed by EA Sports and are now available in packs, having been released at 6pm GMT/1pm ET. They will be available for 24 hours. The release timings for the TOTY forwards are the only ones that can be confirmed currently, but we can make educated guesses about the remainder of the players.

Come Tuesday at 1pm ET, the forwards will no longer be in packs, probably being replaced by the midfielders. They will presumably then be in packs for 24 hours, to be followed by the defenders the following day. If we follow the example set by FIFA 17, the defenders and goalkeeper will be in packs on their own for 48 hours (due to the higher number of players), ending at 1pm ET on Friday.

Finally, the whole team will probably be available from Friday at 1pm, until the same time on Monday 22nd. After that, the TOTY players will no longer be available in packs and will only be purchasable from the transfer market. Of course, these times haven’t been confirmed but, following FIFA 18’s promotion history, they’ll likely be correct.

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