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FIFA 18: How to do a Finesse Shot and Score


FIFA 18: How to do a Finesse Shot and Score

How to do a Finesse Shot and Score in FIFA 18

Since its introduction as an alternative way to shoot in FIFA, the finesse shot has been a vital part of a great player’s skillset. Over the years its effectiveness has changed but, in FIFA 18, it is more useful than it has been for a couple of years.

A finesse shot allows you to place a shot into unreachable parts of the goal, such as the top or bottom corners. The shot, whether from close in or far away from the goal will usually see the ball curl away from the keeper and back towards the goal, making it harder to save.

To pull off a finesse shot, you need to press R1/RB at the same time as pressing shoot (B/circle). Timing it perfectly will see the ball fly past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. Holding the buttons down for a longer period of time will allow you to shoot from further out or aim towards the top part of the goal.

You can also pull off low driven finesse shots, a placed version of the already overpowered low driven shot, in FIFA 18. Simply hold shoot and then quickly do a standard finesse shot (R1/RB and B/circle) and your player will powerfully drive the ball into the back of the net, just with a little more curl and precision than a normal low driven shot.

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