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EVE Online Players Are About To Have A $1,000,000 Battle

EVE Online, july update

EVE Online Players Are About To Have A $1,000,000 Battle

What’s going on with these two factions?

EVE Online, a PC MMO infamous for its incredibly huge and expensive, space battles, is about to top its previous record by pitting armies so large, the value of their ships blow past 1 million real US Dollars. Those familiar with the game may remember the infamous $300,000 battle which took place back in 2014. The same players who started that war are in fact responsible for the events leading up to the battle which is set to occur today at 3 PM US Eastern time.

In EVE online, the value of ships and items can be converted to real money thanks to subscriptions to the MMO being available to purchase with in-game currency. This allows for an exchange rate, and allows for the money value of a battle to be converted from the game’s currency, ISK, to US Dollars. The game categorizes its spaceships into categories: Subcapital, Capital and Super Capital ships. The Titan, the largest and most powerful ship in the game, is a super capital ship which Engadget estimates is worth $7,600.

The “Clusterf*ck Coalition,” now known as “The Imperium,” is a company within EVE Online’s world led by infamous EVE player Alexander “The Mittani” Gianturcino responsible for the 2014 war which he won, despite the destruction of 75 Titan ships and $300,000. Since The Mittani’s victory, The Imperium has funded a nearly four year long arms race to prepare a continued domination of the in-game galaxy and further grow in size. The only group standing in the way of The Imperium at the moment are the MoneyBadgers, a group which has taken some of the Imperium’s territory, and was formerly funded entirely by a player named Lenny who ran a casino which used in-game currency for real-world money. Lenny was banned from EVE in 2016 following the gambling controversy of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, in which gambling sites were using in-game items in lieu of real money to dodge gambling laws.

The former members of MoneyBadger have been preparing since then for the Imperium to attempt to retake its lost territory in EVE. The war which will begin today will have an estimated 500 Titans, and thousands of support ships and smaller Super Capital ships, according to a Reddit post explaining the war.

The Reddit post also mentions that there is a very good chance this massive war will, in fact, be a standoff, with neither side moving their ships from their defensive positions to start the battle. Should the battle take place, check Twinfinite for the results and story behind the fight.


This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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