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Escapists 2 Switch: How to Get Wire


Escapists 2 Switch: How to Get Wire

How to Get Wire in The Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch

The Escapists 2 requires you to use a ton of everyday items in ways you wouldn’t normally think of in order to get out of prison. Wire is exactly one of those items, and while you’d think that this stuff you find in pretty much all electrical equipment would be fairly easy to find in The Escapists 2, it really isn’t. As such, many players have been wondering how to get wire in the game, so let us give you a helping hand.

Now, before we go too deep into this, it’s worth noting that a lot of the random items you can find scattered around The Escapists 2’s different prisons are all part of the game’s RNG. As such, finding wire can be a real pain in the ass, but you’ll want to focus your foraging efforts on your fellow prisoners’ desks. The contents of these changes with every day that passes in the game, so be sure to farm these if you’re really struggling.

If the prisoner desks aren’t giving you the wire you need, be sure to check out maintenance rooms and guard areas. For the latter, you’ll want to have some sort of disguise sorted, or just be incredibly sneaky so as not to get caught. Check the desks inside these rooms and areas and with a bit of luck, you’ll find the wire you need to make your escape.

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