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The Escapists 2 Switch: How to Get a Job


The Escapists 2 Switch: How to Get a Job


Just like in a real prison, inmates are able to volunteer for positions of responsibility in Escapists 2. These jobs help you to advance in the game by building relationships with other NPCs, scavenging for resources, and taking part in various events that occur throughout the facility. There are several different jobs you can take at any one time, such as painting, waste disposal, and mail sorting. But it’s not necessarily obvious how one goes about landing a job in the Escapists 2, so here’s what you need to do:

First, jobs can be applied for at the job board. Interact with the yellow board to see the jobs available. Once you’ve taken one, follow the yellow arrow on the map to its location to begin work.

Note that not all jobs will appear as available on the board (in green), and sometimes there won’t be any at all. But there is a way to open up other job opportunities, and that’s by getting the individual in that position fired. To do so, shadow their location and wait for them to do something against prison rules. For example, graffitiing walls rather than painting them properly. Attack them and have the guards discover their misdemeanor, which will automatically have them fired and the position vacated.

That’s everything you’ll need to know to get a job in the Escapists 2 on Nintendo Switch. For more useful information on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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