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Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Shows Off New Characters, Combo System, Features, and More

dynasty warriors 9, xbox one, february 2018

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Shows Off New Characters, Combo System, Features, and More

A new tale of the Three Kingdoms.

Koei Tecmo has released an extensive new trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9, ahead of the game’s release next month on Feb. 13. The trailer highlights many of the new features coming to the series with this installment, first and foremost of which is the open world.

You’ll be able to explore ancient China at your own pace and approach the story how you want, with a number of different missions available. Key Missions will serve as main story missions, while you also have Linked Missions, Side Missions, and the ability to take over bases and forward your front line in the War of the Three Kingdoms. Of course there’s even more to do outside of  missions like hunting, gathering resources, and talking to characters. It certainly looks like Dynasty Warriors 9 is going to be the most extensive entry of the series yet.

On top of the open world, Dynasty Warriors 9 is also introducing a new combo system, called the State Combo System. The idea of the system has combos changing depending on which state the enemy is in, whether their on the ground, in the air, stunned, etc. This new system implements alongside a host of new characters including the likes of Cheng Pu, Zhou Cang, Man Chong, Xu Sheng, and more. You can see them all in the trailer down below.

Dynasty Warriors 9 launches on Feb. 13 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam. Make sure to take a look at our preview of the game from a few months back.


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