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Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Moments of All Time


Top 10 Greatest Dragon Ball Z Moments of All Time

The iconic moments that made the classic.

Piccolo vs. Android 17

If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan that didn’t necessarily throw yourself into every single episode, you might not remember Piccolo being anything more than Gohan’s glorified babysitter. Piccolo is an iconic figure in Dragon Ball Z but many forget that he actually was an incredibly strong fighter. Dragon Ball Z is filled with inconsistencies and the treatment of Piccolo’s strength is one of its greatest. There were so many moments when the series seemed to completely neglect how powerful Piccolo was promised to be. After all, he’s the main one who raised Gohan to be the strong fighter we know him to be. But when Android 17 arrived with full intentions of wreaking havoc, we finally got to witness Piccolo show up and show out.

Piccolo vs. Android 17 was one of the best fights of the entire series simply because the two fighters were so evenly matched. Piccolo took his weighted cloak off, tossed it aside like the coolest Namekian you’ll ever meet, and at that moment Dragon Ball Z fans knew that whatever fight was ahead was going to be a good one. Piccolo and Android 17 went blow for blow and the exchanges created a battle that looked like violent choreography with each one taking turns snagging the upper hand. Android 17 was a massive threat and we finally got to see Piccolo be realized as an equally as competent fighter. As if that wasn’t enough to make this one of the best moments in Dragon Ball Z history, this fight also ended with a surprise guest appearance. Before a victor could emerge from Piccolo and Android 17’s battle, Cell shows up and absorbs the android.

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