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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Is It Cross Platform?


Dragon Ball FighterZ: Is It Cross Platform?

Can you cross-play with others?

Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross Platform?

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest entry in the fighting game series, boasting a handful of iconic characters and intense 3v3 action. Play solo and hone your skills while playing the updated story mode or compete against others and climb the ranks.

While Dragon Ball FighterZ does have an online multiplayer feature, some players might be wondering if it supports cross-play or cross-platform. While most fighting games are adopting this new feature, Bandai Namco did not integrate cross-play in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Game producer Tomoko Hiroki stated that they are trying to focus on “unlocking each platform’s features with the game” for now, so fans can only hope that they consider adding the feature in the future.

That said, the only way you can play with your friends is only if they have a copy of the game on the same platform as yours. Nonetheless, FighterZ still has plenty of other interesting modes to choose from. From learning new combos to unlocking the other three characters, there are plenty of things to do in the game.

If you are looking for any tips and tricks on Dragon Ball FighterZ, make sure to check out our nifty wiki!

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