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Digimon Hacker’s Memory: How to Hack


Digimon Hacker’s Memory: How to Hack

How to Hack in Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory

Aside from letting you roam around a digital utopia filled with imaginative monsters that you kind of wish were real, Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory allows players the chance to investigate the mysterious occurrences that lead up to the premise of the first game in the series. In order to achieve your ultimate goal of clearing your name from a crime you didn’t commit, you’ll need to do some investigating. Fortunately, one of the tools in your arsenal is the ability to hack.

In order to hack your way into terminals when out in the field, press the square button on your controller to open up the hacking skill menu. Each Digimon in your roster has different abilities that affect the terminal you’re trying to bypass, so it’s up to you to determine which digital creatures are best suited for the job at hand. Keep in mind that not just any monster can be used, as sometimes various conditions need to be met in order for the hack to take place. In order to find out these requirements, check the player menu on your Digivice.

Seeing as how the title of the game itself is Hacker’s Memory and its predecessor relied on hacking quite a deal for normal progression, you’ll be using this mechanic a lot throughout the game. It’s probably a good idea to memorize how to navigate your hacking skill menu and player menu effectively to save yourself some time in the long run.

That’s it on how to hack in Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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