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Darkest Dungeon’s Switch Release Date Has Been Revealed, And it’s Very Soon

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Darkest Dungeon’s Switch Release Date Has Been Revealed, And it’s Very Soon

The Eldtrich Horror is coming to handheld soon.

The Lovecraftian horror turn-based game Darkest Dungeon had its Nintendo Switch port revealed back in September, but the game finally has a release date slated for January 18. The game, which has sold over 1.8 million copies on PC since its initial release in early 2016, will also go live on the Switch eShop with its first two DLCs, the Crimson Court expansion, and the Shieldbreaker character.

Darkest Dungeon has players make difficult and punishing runs through different dungeons with their team of four adventurers, battling enemies as simple as bandits to as outlandish as skeleton pirate crews or monsters from other dimensions. The goal of the game is to beat the titular Darkest Dungeon while trying not to lose your characters to perma-death along the way.

Red Hook Games, the creators of Darkest Dungeon, made no mention of the game’s “Crimson edition” or “Ancestral edition” which bundles the game’s DLC and soundtrack with the main game for a discount, so there’s a good chance all the DLC will have to be purchased individually.

The game will have support for touch controls, similar to the PC version of the game, but no other Switch-exclusive benefits were revealed. Red Hook Games did not specify whether the game’s release will include a physical release, but it’s safe to expect it to be digital-only.

The game’s previously announced second expansion, The Color of Madness, will not be available with the Switch release, but will be available for the console when it is released for all platforms at a later, unannounced, date according to Red Hook Games’ Switch release announcement.

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