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Civilization VI: How to Get Amenities


Civilization VI: How to Get Amenities

Gotta keep those citizens from rebelling.

How to Get Amenities in Civilization VI

As your territory expands and your population grows in Civilization VI, you’ll need to start thinking about getting some amenities for your citizens. Similar to the happiness mechanic in Civ V, amenities are required to keep your citizens happy and to stop them from organizing a coup and attempting to overthrow your leadership in Civilization VI.

Each city in your empire has its own amenity count, and you can check that in the bottom right corner of your screen when you click on the city. The amenities will be indicated by the small carnival house icon. The number of required amenities will increase with every two citizens that get added to your city, and having a surplus of these will make your citizens happy and increase food production and population growth.

Acquiring amenities is fairly simple in Civilization VI; there are a couple of ways to do so, such as acquiring luxury resources and providing your citizens with entertainment. Luxury resources will be indicated on the map, and you can hover your cursor over the resource to see if it’s a luxury item or not. Examples of luxury resources include marble, diamonds, and silk.

However, if you’re unlucky enough to start out on a part of the map that’s not covered in luxury resources, you can rely on entertainment buildings instead as amenities in Civilization VI. As your empire grows, you can start improving your city center by building an Entertainment Complex, and then improving it with the Arena, Zoo, and Stadium structures as time goes on. There are also a few World Wonders that can help with entertainment such as the Colosseum. Just make sure you have the space for them.

If you’re going for a religious victory, there are some Beliefs that will make your people happy as well, provided they’re all following that particular religion the Beliefs are associated with.

Overall, the best way to ensure that your citizens are happy in Civilization VI is by building an Entertainment Complex, and consistently improving it as your population grows. Don’t forget that you can also attempt to trade with other empires, and obtain amenities in the form of luxury resources that way if you’re struggling.

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