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Civilization 6: Mapuche Coming to Rise and Fall Expansion

Civ 6 Rise and Fall Lautaro

Civilization 6: Mapuche Coming to Rise and Fall Expansion

Use the spirit of resistance to lead your civ to greatness.

Firaxis has announced that Mapuche, the indigenous people of Chile that resisted Spanish control in the 16th century, will be coming to Civilization: 6’s Rise and Fall expansion.

The Mapuche will be led by Lautaro a Toqui (war chief or literally translated, “axe-bearer”), who escaped enslavement and resisted against Spanish Conquistadors. Lautaro’s unique leader ability is Swift Hawk, which decreases a city’s Loyalty after defeating an enemy in their own territory.

The civ’s unique unit is the Malon Raider, a Renaissance Era cavalry unit that gets combat bonuses when fighting near friendly territory and reduced pillaging movement costs. Mapuche’s unique structure is the Chemamull, a large wooden tombstone that honors the dead. It provides culture equal to 75% of a tile’s appeal and tourism boosts later in the game.

Finally, Mapuche’s unique civ ability is called Toqui, which grants combat bonuses against civilizations in a Golden Age. Additionally, the ability gives bonus combat experience to units trained in a city with an established Governor.

Lautaro is one of nine new leaders coming to Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, which releases on PC Feb. 8, 2018.

This post was originally written by Vincent Yeung.

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