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4 Mistakes Microsoft Could Make in 2018


4 Mistakes Microsoft Could Make in 2018

2018 could be a strong year for Xbox.

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Lackluster Press Conferences and Announcements

Going hand-in-hand with having new releases is the press conferences and presentations scattered throughout the year at events like E3, or even just Microsoft’s own announcements. With Sony’s big exclusives like God of War and the Nintendo Switch’s impressive momentum, the conversation around gaming isn’t really focused on Microsoft. That’s something they need to fix.

Microsoft needs to go all-out at the big events of the year with impressive announcements, new features, additions to their backward compatibility, and more. They really need to wow fans with these events, but also with announcements throughout the year. Unfortunately, even with the release of the Xbox One X, the conversation and momentum just aren’t with Microsoft at the moment. This doesn’t doom the company and the Xbox by any means, but it does mean that they need to come out a little stronger than the competition this year. Small steps are starting to be made, for example, we found out that Xbox One sold better than PS4 in the month of December according to a Microsoft exec, although we don’t have exact sales figures yet. Microsoft needs to continue to give everyone a reason to talk about Xbox, give everyone a reason to be excited about it, and most importantly a reason to buy an Xbox One X.

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