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10 Best Looking Custom Xbox One Controllers


10 Best Looking Custom Xbox One Controllers

Lookin’ good!

Sea of Thieves

10 Best Looking Xbox One Custom Controllers

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Although it won’t be available until Feb. 6, the custom Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller is an impressive sight. Its purple surface has been laser etched with translucent green “barnacles” and a mysterious skull that glows in the dark, making it perfect for any wayward sailors who’re constantly in search for their missing controller after the sun sets. A few more details, like the compass that circumnavigates the left control stick and a right trigger that’s colored to look like a golden tooth, round out the pirate theme.

Unless you decide to create your own controller in Xbox Design Lab, this is the only purple controller option currently available for Xbox One players. The colors are dark enough to match the black design of the Xbox One and Xbox One X, though they do stick out a little bit when paired with the white Xbox One S. Still, the craftsmanship devoted to its design makes it fun to look at no matter which Xbox you put it next to. Plus, the controller is limited edition, making it both colorful and a future collector’s item.

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