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Top 15 Best Switch Games to Look Forward To in 2018


Top 15 Best Switch Games to Look Forward To in 2018

Lots of good stuff coming.

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If you thought that Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U was pretty cute, well think again. The next Yoshi game is coming to the Switch sometime this year, but Nintendo is being very rude and isn’t disclosing info on the actual release date. Instead of yarn and wool, it seems that Yoshi’s next adventure takes place in a cardboard cutout-type world that lets you switch views to see the level from opposite sides, allowing you to find hidden passages and secret items.

So far, we’ve only gotten one look at the game during that E3 trailer this past year, and since then, Nintendo has been awfully quiet on what’s exactly happening with this beautiful game – it doesn’t even have an actual title yet for crying out loud. Actually, Nintendo, how about you guys just call the game Yoshi and release it, let’s say, next week? Thank you.

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