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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

A Final Fantasy extravaganza.

3vs3 Battles and a Revamped Combat System

Past Dissidia games completely had the focus on 1vs1 duels, pitting you against either another player or the AI. This time around, things are being changed up as NT brings six players into the mix for hectic 3vs3 battles. The entire battle system is built around two opposing teams, and the gameplay and controls have been revamped to match it.

The same core concepts of Dissidia remain the same, with you using a combination of Bravery and HP attacks to take down enemies. Move sets have been slightly altered, granting each character one HP attack that can be changed out and multiple Bravery attacks mapped to directional buttons. You also have new abilities known as EX Skills that are mapped to the triangle button. Each character has a unique skill on triangle, while a set of EX skills can be mapped to triangle+up and triangle+down on each character.

New rules also apply to each battle, with each team being granted three lives before they lose the match. The two sides also pick a summon that appears on the battlefield wreaking havoc with massive attacks. A summon gauge at the top of the screen can be filled by breaking summon crystals that periodically appear on the battlefield.

These changes and the focus on 3vs3 matches make Dissidia NT an integrally different experience than the two Dissidia games that came before. This means there’ll be a learning curve even for returning fans, but it’s also something new to experience no matter your history with Dissidia.

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