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5 Monster Hunter World Beasts That Make Us Say “Nope”


5 Monster Hunter World Beasts That Make Us Say “Nope”

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5 Hardest Beasts to Kill in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

The Bazelgeuse is one of the new creatures in Monster Hunter World and is one of the more tougher hunts in the game. This nefarious wyvern can take to the skies and swoop in at any unsuspecting hunter, crushing them beneath its weight. The Bazelgeuse also boasts tough and rocky armor, so it will take more than a few good hits before it goes down. Probably the worst thing about this monster is that it can inflict Fireblight, slowly eating away at your health.

Thankfully, the Bazelgeuse comes with its own fair share of weaknesses. The wyvern is weak against Lightning-based weapons, and poison is an effective ailment. During the hunt, make sure to aim for these various points: the head, wings, and tail. If you can, try attacking the beast’s legs when it isn’t dropping any explosive scales. The key to finishing this Monster Hunter World hunt is through perfect timing and waiting for the right time to strike.

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