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5 Franchises That Microsoft Should Bring Back for the Xbox One


5 Franchises That Microsoft Should Bring Back for the Xbox One

Bring them back from the dead.

Fuzion Frenzy

Microsoft's recent library is missing a party game like Fuzion Frenzy.

The first two games in this series are not good. In fact, they are bad. Maybe even Bubsy bad. But in a generation where couch co-op has shown signs of a comeback, a polished working of the systems in Fuzion Frenzy could be a family-friendly, accessible title to round out the Xbox One’s library. Despite the many issues in the original Fuzion Frenzy, playing it with friends is still a great time. Some mini-games are worse than others, but overall, the series is ripe for resurrection.

Local multiplayer is hot again, and piecing together a fun package and covering it with a shiny label seems doable. Games like Overcooked, Nidhogg, and others have brought interest back to playing multiplayer like the good ol’ days, and Microsoft would do themselves well to firmly enter that niche. Online play opens new avenues, and something as mindless as Fuzion Frenzy could find a place as a social gaming experience. In many ways, Fuzion Frenzy has parallels with Mario Party. Like Mario Party, Fuzion Frenzy isn’t a perfect game. Still, it serves a valuable role in bringing friends and family together, only to ruthlessly tear them apart. Microsoft should give Xbox One owners a way to experience that madness.

This post was originally written by Sean Pyle.

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