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5 Moves Nintendo Needs to Make to Win 2018


5 Moves Nintendo Needs to Make to Win 2018

Keep the train rolling.

Keep a Steady Stream of Announcements

The Nintendo Switch has some serious momentum right now, setting a record as the fastest-selling video game system of all time moving over 4.8 milling units in just 10 months.

If you compare the Switch’s first year lineup to that of the PS4 with and the Xbox One, it’s clear to see that the Switch just had much stronger first-party content, but not necessarily third-party content. The PS4 and Xbox One still sold quite well in their first year, but Nintendo pushed all their chips into the middle in 2017, and broke sales records because of it. Now Nintendo needs to make sure they keep that momentum. Part of that means they need to have a healthy stream of announcements throughout the year.

Nintendo wants attention to be on the Switch, constantly. To do this they need to always have something to show fans, something for them to anxiously look forward to. They’ve started well in 2018 with a January Mini Direct announcing The World Ends With You, Mario Tennis Aces, Hyrule Warriors, Dark Souls, and more. Nintendo needs to keep up this pace, giving us a new Direct or announcement at least every few months. By keeping the conversation on the Switch and the games coming to it, Nintendo can dominate the gaming landscape again this year, keeping themselves in the forefront of player’s minds.

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