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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How to Find Confusion Ivy Locations


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How to Find Confusion Ivy Locations

How to Find All Confusion Ivy Locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a staggering amount of items to collect for various sidequests aruond the world of Alrest. One such sidequest that has you collecting things is the Concerned Carpenter, which you’ll find right near the entrance of Torigoth in Gormott Province. First off, the quest will have you tracking down the carpenter’s son Pawli. He’s easy enough to find, so just follow the marker and then fight off the enemies surrounding him at the Waytree.

Once you’ve saved Pawli he’ll ask for help finding seven pieces of Confusion Ivy, which is found directly in Gormott Province. The only hint you get is to look near trees in the Gormott wilderness, which is exactly what you’re going to need to do. Look for collection points on or near trees in the main field of Gormott Province just outside of Torigoth, or go North up to the Nocclia Woods to look. Unfortunately, there isn’t one specific location that’s better than another, just keep roaming around using the collection points near trees, then fast travel back to a location like the Waytree to make the points spawn again. It shouldn’t take too long to gather all seven pieces of Confusion Ivy in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

After you’ve gathered those, head back to Pawli who’ll tell you to meet him in Torigoth. Once there you’ll get one final objective to obtain a Gormotti Walnut from a Noppon named Mokumoku. Head to the point on your radar and talk to Mokumoku. You have the choice of either paying 30,000 gold to get it, or do a favor for the Nopon. Then just head back to Torigoth and you’ll have completed the quest.

That’s all you need to know about the location of the Confusion Ivy in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For more on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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