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Top 4 Best Xbox One Co-Op Games of Q4 2017


Top 4 Best Xbox One Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

All in one.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Top 5 Xbox One Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Most of the time, games are made a lot more fun when someone else is joining in on the ride. Developers and publishers today all know this yet frequently resort to placing large groups of players against each other instead of bringing them together to work towards a common goal. Indeed, the inclusion of co-op modes in games is a rare sight, though the Xbox One is home to its fair of cooperative titles that players can enjoy side by side on a sofa. The following list consists of those games released in the past quarter of the year that stand out as the best should you and your friend be looking to resurrect old rivalries or want to settle a score from a long time ago.

It’s sufficient to say that Star Wars Battlefront II released to quite a bit of controversy on Xbox One back in November. Mircotransactions and a concern stemming from the amount of time it took to unlock playable heroes online stirred the internet into something akin to a frenzy, though it is good to know that now fans have been appeased through the removal of in-game transactions and a reassurance from publisher EA that criticisms regarding the title’s progression systems will be addressed on an ongoing basis.

There are some aspects of Star Wars Battlefront II that are perfectly fine as is, however, including the game’s inclusion of a co-op aspect in Arcade mode. The feature pits you and a buddy against waves of incoming enemies in a battle to see who will be the last person standing. It’s neat should you both want to explore the game’s multiplayer modes later on, as players are able to customize skirmishes to the classes they most want to use. Keep in mind that the mode is very much built with two players in mind, meaning that should you both venture in together, you’d best be prepared to take on enemies that are tougher and harder to kill than with one person alone.


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