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Wild West Online: How to Get Money Fast


Wild West Online: How to Get Money Fast

Y’all wanna make some money?

How to Get Money Fast in Wild West Online

The economy of Wild West Online is a fairly stingy one at this stage, and as such, it can be hard to work out a way of making good money. Though busting into locked chests or killing people for gold can net you a few extra dollars, it will, of course, lead you down the inevitable path to becoming a bandit – obviously, this doesn’t work for everyone. Particularly so, given the added danger makes dying and dropping valuable items an all too common occurrence.

The secret to making easy money lies in the humble rabbit trap. Once you have gotten one of these in your possession, you’ll be able to rake in some quick cash. Each trap yields one dead rabbit every 20 seconds, and though that may not sound appealing, taking it to a campfire will increase its value mightily. A cooked rabbit is worth 25 cents – the same value as a large nugget of gold.

An excursion into the desert with a few rabbits in tow is a risk-free way of padding your bank account and can be combined with a quick gold mining session to really boost your funds. Keep in mind, however, that a gold pouch can make you a target for ruthless thieves, so if you’re not confident in your ability to stay alive, it may be best to focus on the rabbit traps to start with.

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