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Top 8 Best Video Game Voice Actors of Q4 2017


Top 8 Best Video Game Voice Actors of Q4 2017

The most memorable performances of Q4 2017.

Janina Gavankar as Iden Versio – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Best Video Game Voice Actors of Q4 2017

Star Wars has received a wealth of new characters recently with Rebels and the new films, and Battlefront 2 adds yet another into the series’ canon. Janina Gavankar, who some might recognize as Luna from True Blood, plays the role of Iden Versio, an elite Imperial Commando and leader of Inferno Squad. Iden has spent her whole life in the Imperial army and her die-hard loyalty to the Empire rings true. Gavankar does a great job of portraying the hard soldier that Versio is, then effortlessly switches the role up as her perception of the Empire is shattered.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign may be short, but the main crux of the story is Versio’s growth as a person. A lot of that is due to the impressive performance from Gavankar, who easily stands out above the rest of the cast.

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