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Top 10 Hardest Games of 2017 to Make You Rage Quit


Top 10 Hardest Games of 2017 to Make You Rage Quit

You don’t need the hair on your head, right?

2017 certainly had its fair share of hair pulling, teeth grinding experiences. But when it comes to the truly hardest video games, these 10 particular titles no doubt take the cake, mush it into tiny pieces, and throw it back at you while hitting you over the head with a wooden spoon until you get it right.


A late entry into 2017 but a rightful member of this list, Getting Over It is a strange indie release that has been gradually rising up the charts. Challenging you with climbing a mountain as a man stuck in a large cooking pot, with only a hammer to aid you that can only be controlled by a mouse, it’s… definitely strange.

It’s also incredibly difficult. In fact, the developer sells the game on the pretense that it was designed with one particular kind of person in mind, and to hurt them. Judging from some of the user reviews, it’s hit a bit of a nerve and its rather simplistic and rough designs and imagery are replaced with determination and anger at a game that people just can’t seem to stop playing. It’s Flappy Bird all over again!

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