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South Park Fractured But Whole: How to Beat Morgan Freeman


South Park Fractured But Whole: How to Beat Morgan Freeman

How to Beat Morgan Freeman in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Should you have a grudge against Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman for some reason, you’re in luck. South Park: The Fractured But Whole allows players to fight and defeat the legendary voice-over professional from the comfort of their own home. Be warned that this is probably the most difficult fight in the entire game and that tackling it isn’t advised until after you’ve accomplished all of the title’s main story missions and are well-equipped. This means that, at a minimum, your Might should be over 800, you have both Strong Knockback and Critical Strike Bonus artifacts, you have the Time Fart Summon, all of the game’s classes are unlocked, and you have all Summon Materials.

In terms of allies for your battle against Morgan Freeman, recruit Mosquito, Toolshed, and Mysterion for the ordeal. Equip Purifying Petals, Hydro Helper, Root Burst, and Airborne Annihilator for yourself. Once you feel confident and have all the items, abilities, and gas you need, go ahead and visit Morgan Freeman at his taco shop. Proceed behind the counter and punch him in the back three times. After warning you of the consequences of your actions, the battle with the famous Mexican-cuisine enthusiast will commence.

The two tactics you must constantly keep in mind during this fight against Morgan Freeman in Fractured But Whole is interrupting him and positioning your team around him. You should always have a couple of heroes on either side of the actor and one or two down below him. This is to minimize the damage he can deal with his massive area of effect fart attack, which you’ll get a taste of as soon you begin the challenge. As soon as Morgan Freeman uses this foul move, perform a Time Fart Summon to cancel the next iteration of his deadly blast and summon a Backstory You to help you out in battle.

Use the time you’ve acquired for yourself to cast status effects and position your team as mentioned earlier. Make sure Morgan Freeman has Bleed and Gross on him, too, and make sure those ailments carry on throughout this fight in Fractured But Whole. Use Mysterion to absorb Morgan Freeman’s attacks by keeping him close to the actor and attack the taco man with your remaining party members. Once you’ve done enough damage, Freeman will also use Time Fart Summon. Whenever he does this, use your ultimate ability and Summons. Use Chilled on the man’s Backstory version to deal more damage, as the attack won’t work on the real Morgan Freeman.

Once you’ve taken down the Backstory version, the real Morgan Freeman will begin a series of new attacks, this time using Charm to allure your heroes. Make sure to have a heal handy at all times and use it to remove Confusion and apply Attack Up. With Bleed and Gross still going, make sure you keep hitting all your critical hits from here on out. If you do, you’ll wind up defeating Morgan Freeman far easier than expected.

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