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7 of the Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories


7 of the Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories

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We See Evil Morty In the Opening Credits

The Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories

So now that we have discussed the theory of why Rick may have ditched a genius-Morty that eventually turned evil, it’s time to consider that we may have already witnessed Rick leaving this Morty behind. Throughout the opening sequence of Rick and Morty, we see clips of various misadventures involving the beloved pair. In one clip, we see Rick creating a portal with his trusty portal gun before hopping through and leaving Morty behind. We have seen Rick temporarily give Morty the cold shoulder, but this time around, Morty is about to be gobbled up by green creatures. One fan theory proposes that this Morty somehow escapes, survives, and grows to resent all Ricks because they don’t have any real compassion for their Mortys. While there isn’t much else to support this theory, it does seem like an interesting explanation for Evil Morty’s official tipping point to begin a grand plot against all Ricks.


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