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7 of the Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories


7 of the Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories

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Evil Morty is Rick C-137’s Original Morty

The Best Rick and Morty Fan Theories

The introduction of Evil Morty has been one of the biggest plot twists in the show’s history. It’s a reveal that ties into many of the mysteries and questions that still linger in the Rick and Morty universe — or should we say universes. Perhaps the greatest theory surrounding Evil Morty’s existence, however, is the idea that this smart and evil Morty is actually the original Morty to the Rick that viewers would consider their own.

There are a few key points to unpack with this theory so hang in there. First thing’s first, there would need to be something that suggests the Morty currently running around with Rick isn’t the original Morty to this particular Rick. Well, in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” we see various flashbacks of Rick’s memories. One of these memories includes him reaching out to pick up a baby Morty. We even see a picture of Rick holding a baby Morty hanging on Bird Person’s wall in the episode “Get Schwifty.” This is odd considering the fact that Beth said Rick has been absent from her life for 20 years prior to the start of the show. Since Morty is only 14 years old, it would be impossible for Rick to have memories of Morty as a child if he was from this same dimension Beth claims has been absent for two decades.

So now that there is a discrepancy in the background between what we would like to believe are our original Rick and Morty, it’s time to explore why Evil Morty would likely be the Morty that originally belonged to our Rick. Evil Morty is an unusually intelligent Morty who doesn’t seem to be anchored by the insecurities and sensitivity that we have seen from other Mortys. It’s possible that this could from being raised with Rick in his life, as opposed to the other Mortys who didn’t have this opportunity. Being raised by the mad scientist we all know and love could easily result in a very different Morty who is incredibly intelligent. Perhaps, too intelligent to stay in Rick’s life.

Rick has warned about the risks associated with a Morty that’s too smart or too cocky. While this may seem like random advice, it could also be a sign that this Rick has already lived in a dimension where he came face to face with a smart, cocky Morty that he wasn’t terribly fond of. Perhaps there was too much friction and conflict between the two geniuses and they eventually parted ways in a not so amicable fashion — the type of not so amicable fashion that could leave this particular Morty with a serious grudge against all Ricks? Maybe this Rick ditched his genius Morty for a more dim-witted partner who served as less of a threat to him and his research?

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