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5 Questions Every Gamer Is Sick of Hearing


5 Questions Every Gamer Is Sick of Hearing

…Enough already!!

There are two types of people in this world: the gamers and the non-gamers. Sure, there are subcategories and whatnot peppered in amongst these definitions, but right there in the middle – a divide as cavernous as the Grand Canyon. To the gamers, those who don’t play video games are either unenlightened, or elitists, who consider themselves above such frivolity. To the non-gamers, people who play video games are typically sweaty nerds who dwell in their parents’ basement, only emerging occasionally to retrieve snacks and energy drinks. This is obviously a gross generalization, particularly since basements don’t provide the kind of lighting necessary for proper gaming sessions. That’s just simple science.

The most fearsome weapons in the non-gamer arsenal, however, are the questions. Those pesky, ignorant, soul-crushing inquiries that make you stifle a groan. If you’ve heard any of these before, we assure you that the best course of action is simply to politely placate them. Engaging in fisticuffs rarely ends well (sorry, Nana).

“Aren’t you too old to be playing games?”

Pokemon Pikachu Mosaic

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite familiar, censorious go-to quiz. To the non-gamer, video games are puerile toys made for children. Grown men and women shouldn’t be divulging in such tripe, when there are much more mature leisure activities to be pursued (like TV, alcohol and pornography).

The simple truth of the matter is that gaming has grown into a pillar of the entertainment industry, rapidly catching ground on the mainstays of movies and television at an alarming rate. It has become a staple of the living room, and even people who don’t have much time for it may still have some form of console lurking around, often an impulse buy in the same vein as a smartphone or an expensive sound system.

Some video games possess storytelling so complex, they are on par with the best-written novels, albeit in an interactive medium that really connects the player with the characters. The avatar before them isn’t just a piece of fiction, they’re a representation of the user’s interaction with the world. It’s tangible. It’s impactful. It’s visceral.

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