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PUBG: How to Get Energy Drink & What it Does


PUBG: How to Get Energy Drink & What it Does

How to Get Energy Drink & What it Does in PUBG

Alongside all of the weapons and gear you’ll come across in a round of PUBG, you’ll also find yourself picking up consumables such as painkillers or an energy drink.

Energy drinks and painkillers can be pretty useful in PUBG, but few people actually understand exactly what these items do. So let us run you through them real quick. Just above your health bar, you’ll see another slimmer boost bar with notches in it. Consuming an energy drink will fill this up by 40, taking you past the first notch in the bar. Filling the first section will result in slow regen, the second will be faster health regen, filling the third section will increase your movement speed, and the fourth provides improvement to your aiming.

Basically, then, an energy drink, depending on whether you’ve used one or some painkillers already, can provide you with health regen or other perks. Consuming one energy drink in PUBG will recover your health from roughly about 75% to 95%, perfect for when you can no longer use bandages.

As for where to find energy drinks in PUBG, well, just like everything else, that’ll depend on how lucky you are when scavenging. Always remember to loot the bodies of anyone you defeat, and be sure to check every building you come across. There’s no particular area you’ll find an energy drink over another.

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