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PUBG: How to Avoid Red Zones & What They Do


PUBG: How to Avoid Red Zones & What They Do

How to Avoid Red Zones & What They Do in PUBG

Red Zones are a common occurrence in your average round of PUBG. They’re not the most devastating thing to be caught in the middle of, but at the same time there are certainly safer places to be. Here’s how to avoid red zones in PUBG and what they do.

First things first, let’s talk about why you want to avoid red zones to begin with. A red zone on your map essentially indicates that it’s about to be bombed from above. Mortar blasts will pelt the floor within these marked areas, so you’re best making a break for it or hiding inside. Don’t worry, though, these projectiles are fairly easy to dodge, so red zones certainly don’t spell out certain death.

When we talk about avoiding a red zone in PUBG, we’re not just talking about the obvious of not walking towards or into one when you see one on your map. Although you probably shouldn’t do that, either. Instead, we’re talking about how to avoid finding yourself being seemingly targeted by red zones during the game. It’s worth noting that the developers state that where a red zone appears on the map is completely random. However, it’s rumored that these instead could indicate players that have been camping in the same spot for a long time, or where a lot of players are holed up. Whether or not this is true, exactly, remains to be seen, but from our time playing the game, it’s certainly plausible.

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