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Top 5 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017


Top 5 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Just in time for 2018.

Gran Turismo Sport

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Gt sport

Cooperative play in today’s gaming landscape is something akin to a lost art form. Not many developers or publishers seem very inclined to include the feature in the games we play, and even when they do it’s rare that these titles truly harness the fun camaraderie to be had in sharing the same breathtaking experience side by side. This being said, there are still some games out there that appreciate the joy of co-op, particularly on the PS4. The following list consists of those titles released in the past quarter of the year that you should check out if you and a friend want to have some quality bonding time together.

Gran Turismo Sport released exclusively for PS4 and PSVR on October 17 this year and was criticized mostly for its always-online functionality. Indeed, many facets of the game including viewing your garage, editing liveries, purchasing cars, using Scapes, exchanging Mileage Points, and more were dependent on the player’s internet connection. All of this being said, Gran Turismo Sport did include one crucial feature that was available offline: local two-player split screen co-op.

Co-op in Gran Tusismo Sport sees two friends race head-to-head on the track in pursuit of placing first just as any good racing game would. What makes Sport stand out from the rest of the titles in the genre (besides the game’s astounding visuals) is that driving skills and track etiquette are monitored so as to make you a better driver in real life. What’s more is that should you be deemed worthy enough, your accomplishments in Sport could earn you an actual racing license with automobile organization FIA. If that doesn’t get your engines running, I don’t know what will.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II

Should you find yourself nostalgic this holiday season and wanting to play some Star Wars Battlefront goodness with a friend, EA and DICE’s latest sequel in the franchise that released on November 17 doesn’t disappoint. Bear in mind that this is strictly concerning local co-op, as discussing the title’s multiplayer aspects outside of this feature is another whole can of worms to tackle (though there aren’t any more microtransactions to be found at the moment, so that’s good).

Local split-screen cooperative play can be accessed via Star Wars Battlefront II’s Arcade mode and pits you and a friend against a series of horde elimination challenges. Should you feel adventurous, the mode also allows players to customize skirmishes as they see fit, simultaneously allowing both of you to get used to all of the game’s different classes for use later on in multiplayer. Be forewarned that this co-op mode is built with two players in mind, meaning that as you and a friend journey further into battle, enemies become much tougher and harder to kill.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

lego marvel super heroes 2, co-op

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 released on November 14 and is the sequel to 2013’s iteration of the crossover. What makes it so fun aside from the destruction, reconstruction, and collectible aspects that are a franchise signature at this point is the ability to experience all of the action with a friend alongside you. Indeed, this sequel allows you and a buddy the privilege to tackle the entire campaign together. There’s no shame should your friend have to leave early for whatever reason, as an extra player can hop in and out of the story at any time.

Though it’s obvious that Lego Marvel Superheroes is intended for children, there’s absolutely no excuse should you as a parent want to play alongside your kid this holiday season. There’s also plenty of Marvel superheroes to drool over, of course, including the likes of Agent Venom, Baby Groot, and Spider-Gwen. If anything, this game should be enough to satiate you and your child’s comic book fix until Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War come out next year.

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

dead rising 4

Released on December 5, Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package includes a cooperative multiplayer aspect that’s also a bit competitive. Relegated to online only, co-op in the PS4 port of the title pits you and three other friends against hordes of zombies within the invested Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall from the main game. You’ll have to complete challenges together in order to survive and though each person’s goal is to make it out in one piece, a kill score calculates how many enemies each participant has successfully mangled so far.

Players are given the franchise’s full arsenal of zombie mutilation weapons here including an acoustic guitar, a volleyball, and a tricycle, meaning there’s no shortage of fun to be had with a group of three other players in Frank’s Big Package. If you want to be the best zombie-slaying murderer around, you also have the point system to keep you satisfied until an actual zombie apocalypse happens.

Call of Duty: WW2

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WW2 released on November 3 this year to pretty great critical acclaim due to its engaging narrative and impeccable gameplay mechanics. Should you and a friend want yourselves to both be part of the action, WW2 allows the two of you to simultaneously take part in the game’s renown multiplayer modes and Nazi Zombies. You’re both free to explore the title’s full range of offerings including 1v1 play, Divisions, Team Deathmatch, and more, though unfortunately there is no co-op included for the campaign.

As you may have heard by now, Nazi Zombies is set apart from the main premise of WW2 and pits you and friend against waves of infested human corpses just as in previous iterations in the franchise, though this year’s entry allows more seasoned veterans the chance to experience a hardcore path for an alternate ending. Rest assured that should you two find yourselves way in over your heads by the sixth wave, WW2 allows you both to cooperate with two other players online in order to achieve your ultimate goal of killing all the zombie masses. Happy Nazi Zombie hunting!

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