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Top 5 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017


Top 5 Best PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Just in time for 2018.

Gran Turismo Sport

Top 5 PS4 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Gt sport

Cooperative play in today’s gaming landscape is something akin to a lost art form. Not many developers or publishers seem very inclined to include the feature in the games we play, and even when they do it’s rare that these titles truly harness the fun camaraderie to be had in sharing the same breathtaking experience side by side. This being said, there are still some games out there that appreciate the joy of co-op, particularly on the PS4. The following list consists of those titles released in the past quarter of the year that you should check out if you and a friend want to have some quality bonding time together.

Gran Turismo Sport released exclusively for PS4 and PSVR on October 17 this year and was criticized mostly for its always-online functionality. Indeed, many facets of the game including viewing your garage, editing liveries, purchasing cars, using Scapes, exchanging Mileage Points, and more were dependent on the player’s internet connection. All of this being said, Gran Turismo Sport did include one crucial feature that was available offline: local two-player split screen co-op.

Co-op in Gran Tusismo Sport sees two friends race head-to-head on the track in pursuit of placing first just as any good racing game would. What makes Sport stand out from the rest of the titles in the genre (besides the game’s astounding visuals) is that driving skills and track etiquette are monitored so as to make you a better driver in real life. What’s more is that should you be deemed worthy enough, your accomplishments in Sport could earn you an actual racing license with automobile organization FIA. If that doesn’t get your engines running, I don’t know what will.

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