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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Evolve Vulpix Into Ninetales


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Evolve Vulpix Into Ninetales

How to Evolve Vulpix Into Ninetales in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Vulpix is a classic Generation 1 Pokemon that received a new lease on life in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Normally a fire type, in Alola, Vulpix is an ice type that can evolve into the powerful regional variant Ninetales which is dual ice and fairy typing. Alolan Ninetales learns the powerful ice move Aurora Veil that halves damage for your entire time while under the effect of Hail. Alolan Ninetales has access to Snow Warning which creates Hail whenever it enters battle, making Ninetales an excellent teammate in both doubles and singles battles.

First things first, you have to get a Vulpix to evolve into Ninetales. To evolve Vulpix into Ninetales, you need to expose it to an Ice Stone. An Ice Stone can be found in Po Town, the home of Team Skull. There’s a pool area in Po Town that can be accessed from a door on the first floor of the Shady House. Once you reach that area, there’s an Ice Stone on the north side of it.

Also, in addition to that one Ice Stone, they can found via Poke Pelago by sending your Pokemon to go Brilliant Stone Hunting in Isle Aphun. That’s random so it make take a couple of tries, but you’ll eventually get some if you keep at it.

Finally, if you have an old school non-Alolan Vulpix that you brought into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and you might be wondering how to evolve that. Don’t worry it can be done. Regular Vulpix evolves into Ninetales by exposing it to a Fire Stone, just as you remember from the good ol’ days. Luckily Fire Stones are easy to obtain. All you need to do is purchase one from Olivia’s store in Konikoni City.

That does it for how to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Enjoy your Ninetales!

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