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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Beat Ultra Necrozma


Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Beat Ultra Necrozma

How to Beat Ultra Necrozma in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Perhaps the most difficult battle that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have to offer is that against Ultra Necrozma in Ultra Megalopolis. Possessing extremely high stats, especially when it comes to Attack and Special Attack categories, the creature has an ability that boosts its capabilities even more. As if that wasn’t enough, Ultra Necrozma also has a pretty enticing moveset consisting of Photon Geyser, Smart Strike, Power Gem, and Dragon Pulse, undoubtedly allowing it a clear Type advantage against a large portion of your team. Guaranteed to one-hit KO some party members with ease, you should know that defeating the beast is enough of an accomplishment on its own, as you are unable to catch it anyway.

Your best bet for defeating Ultra Necrozma comes in the form of Mimikyu and TM06 move Toxic. By using Mimikyu’s Disguise ability, players can automatically Substitute at the beginning of every battle. This means that when the Pokemon gets hit with an attack for the first time, Disguise will take the hit instead and Mimikyu will not take any damage. It basically guarantees that at least one move will be allowed by the player in battle, which is all you need to defeat Ultra Necrozma.

Once you’ve made sure that you have a Mimikyu in the first place and have taught it Toxic, have it at the front of your party before interacting with the deadly foe. Make sure to save to be on the safe side, as Toxic has 90 percent accuracy and you could very well miss. Once the battle’s started, Ultra Necrozma will most likely go first, seeing as how its speed stats are impeccable. Mimikyu’s Disguise should take the hit, so no worries there. After you’re in the clear, go ahead and use Toxic on your enemy. Even if the monster winds up one-hitting five of the six Pokemon on your team, you’ll have won the battle. Though this is not likely to happen, make sure you have a couple of Revives handy should you feel Necrozma has a bit left in it to land a one-hit KO on your last party member.

When all is said and done, you should be able to defeat Ultra Necrozma pretty easily using this tactic. Be sure to check out more Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon guides right here on Twinfinite.

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