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Platinum Games is Flirting With Self-Publishing Lower Budget Games

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Platinum Games is Flirting With Self-Publishing Lower Budget Games

Platinum Games is eyeing smaller, self-published games.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Atsushi Inaba, producer and head of development at Platinum Games, spoke at length about the company’s future and strategy going forward into 2018 and beyond. If you’re a Platinum fan, the interview is definitely worth giving a read.

What is particularly surprising and interesting to hear though is that Inaba apparently sees the company going in the direction of self-publishing, and emulating something resembling an indie-like structure for some of its future games. Saying that they are “becoming more and more interested in the idea of self-publishing and doing our own title.”

Although he mentions self-publishing, he doesn’t want to call what he has in mind “indie” exactly. Although it would be technically independent, since yeah they would be independently making games, the term indie is a bit nebulous, as it generally brings to mind a very small group of people working on something that is super low-budget. Instead, he envisions something larger, around 20 people that have freedom to work on a game that they want to make, and that fits in with Platinum Games brand, but isn’t a huge production with a $10 million dollar-plus budget.

The last part specifically is important, as Inaba dashed the hopes of many by adding that they aren’t going to do any games like a “princess-clothing-making game or something like that” as it would not be what people want from Platinum Games.

Psh, speak for yourself Inaba! I’m all for it personally.

For Inaba’s full thoughts, check out the full interview from Game Informer.


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