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4 Pitfalls Nintendo Needs to Look Out for in 2018


4 Pitfalls Nintendo Needs to Look Out for in 2018

What would make 2018 not so great for the Big N?




We can all agree that the first year for the Nintendo Switch has been nothing short of fantastic. Over the past nine months that the new hybrid console has been out, not only have we received a brand new Zelda title, but we also got a new 3D Mario game, a huge sequel to Splatoon, the launch of a brand new IP (ARMS), Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and much, much more. The only bad thing that might come out of 2018 for the Big N is simply the fact there just might not be that many big games to release on the Switch, since it seems that Nintendo has exhausted their biggest franchises in the first few months. Will Nintendo make sure that the coming year is another strong one for the console? Or will the Switch suffer from a lack of big AAA titles?

The few first-party titles that we know are coming in 2018 for Switch include Kirby Star Allies and a Yoshi game. I don’t know about you all, but Kirby and Yoshi have never been the biggest franchises for Nintendo. Sure, I have no doubt in my mind that these games will do well, and the fanbase will enjoy them, but these titles will not make people jump for joy and run out to buy a Switch. To make 2018 as amazing as 2017, Nintendo will need to bring out the big guns; I’m looking at you Smash Bros.! I mean, even having that Pokemon title towards the end of 2018 would make it pretty great as well. Nintendo cannot lose the momentum that the Switch has gained over the past year, as doing so would only result in bad news for the company.

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