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Overwatch’s Next Hero Has Already Been Teased


Overwatch’s Next Hero Has Already Been Teased

Let the speculation begin.

Speaking in an interview with PCGamesN at the Fun & Serious Game Festival in Spain recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan stated that a new hero for the popular multiplayer shooter has already been hinted at.

Though he didn’t have much to add to that, this obviously narrows down the realm of possibility significantly. It could very well indicate that this new character has seen the light of day in one of the title’s many animated shorts or digital comic issues before. It’s no use getting your hopes too high right now, seeing as how the reveal of this hero is still months away, but fans could actually see their dreams of playing the Junker queen or Brigitte Lindholm finally come true.

Kaplan went on to mention how Moira was originally teased in Doomfist’s comic and how Sombra was repeatedly hinted at a while back, and how in each case the development team over at Blizzard purposefully included their cameos knowing how the community was going to scour over every detail.

Speaking of Overwatch’s latest additions, Kaplan concluded that so far reception to Moira has been positive. This goes for the folks over at Overwatch League too, though admittedly the game director thinks that people still need to gain familiarity with her.

Hopefully the title’s next hero will be received just as well as prior entries. Until then, fans will undoubtedly search the internet far and wide for any clues leading to Blizzard’s next reveal.

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