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How to Share Games on the Nintendo Switch


How to Share Games on the Nintendo Switch

Now, everyone can play.

Sharing Games on the Nintendo Switch

If you’ve bought a bunch of digital games from the Switch eShop, you might be wondering how you can share your purchased titles with friends. It’s pretty easy if you understand how Switch accounts work, and we’re here to help you out.

First, if you have multiple accounts on your console, anyone can play any of the downloaded games on there. This means that even if you purchased a game on your account, as long as it’s been downloaded and installed on your Switch, any of your family members or friends who log into their own accounts on that same Switch system can enjoy that game as well.

However, things get a little more complicated when we’re dealing with multiple consoles. When you download a game with your account, it can only be played on the system that’s been activated for that account. If you wish to download and play that game on another system, you’ll first need to deactivate the original system, then sign into your account on the second system and activate that one. To deactivate a system for your account, simply go to your profile page from the eShop and choose the Deactivate option. You’ll now be able to activate a new system for your account to start downloading your purchased games there.

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