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Nintendo Appears to Have Removed the Switch’s Iwata Tribute


Nintendo Appears to Have Removed the Switch’s Iwata Tribute

Thanks for the memories.

A touching apparent tribute to Satoru Iwata was discovered hidden deep within the Nintendo Switch by the datamining community. Now, it appears it’s been removed from the console. The hidden copy of the 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System game Golf was previously found deep within the Switch’s source code, only available via sifting through the system via the back end.

As of Switch update 4.0.0, it appears that all the code to launch the game, which was seen as a tribute to the late Iwata, has been removed and its executable file has been overwritten, according to user SciresM.

The file name “Flog” was previously given to the emulator, which ran Golf, and could only be accessed via one very particular set of instructions. You had to set your Switch system date to July 11, and hold the Joy-Con controllers while pointing them outward, much in the same way Iwata himself did when introducing the Nintendo Direct presentations he brought so much joy to.

Nintendo hasn’t commented on the update’s removal of the code just yet, but Twinfinite has reached out to confirm if the change was intentional or if it could be coming back in the future. It was certainly a touching tribute, and one that fans appreciated.


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