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Nintendo Is Looking to Expand Its Mobile Game Business


Nintendo Is Looking to Expand Its Mobile Game Business

The DeNA partnership has fallen “behind schedule.”

Nintendo is looking to expand its mobile business outside of its partnership with developer DeNA, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The publisher’s relationship with with the company has apparently fallen “behind schedule.”

The house of Mario began its partnership with DeNA back in March of 2015, announcing that the two giants had aspirations to launch six games before March 2017. The first game, Miitomo, was pushed back from October that year to 2016 and all other subsequent releases except for Super Mario Run saw a delay in some respect before launch. So far only four of the planned six games have released.

Nintendo states that it desires to “raise the pace of new titles” by collaborating with other mobile developers, this time not investing directly into firms as it did with DeNA. As it stands now, the publisher still owns 10 percent of the mobile game creator.

The company also has plans to produce more revenue through its mobile game division, as that aspect of the company has only produced ¥20 billion, or $176 million, in revenue so far – a number that has fallen short of investor expectations. Rather than featuring more in-game transactions to boost sales, however, Nintendo has decided that with future titles it would like to incentivize purchase of more expensive items.

It remains to be seen what developers Nintendo has in mind for its future mobile game endeavors. If anything, there’s still two more games from DeNA to look forward to.

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