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Check Out This Portable Nintendo 64 Mini Prototype

Nintendo 64

Check Out This Portable Nintendo 64 Mini Prototype

Take notes Nintendo.

Senior Account Manager Ramon Navos-Moral of console accessory manufacturer Hyperkin leaked via social media today one of his firm’s ongoing projects. Bound to please a lot of seasoned Nintendo veterans out there, the company is now working on a portable, miniature version of the Nintendo 64.

Described as a “handled prototype” by Navos-Moral, the pictures are meant for research and development purposes only (his company plans to take action against him, according to My Nintendo News). This being said, Hyperkin did acknowledge that the prototype is indeed real. Check it out for yourself below:

Navos-Moral had the following to say regarding the product: “I took a picture of an N64 handheld prototype at the R&D department not with the intentions of leaking it but they shouldn’t trust me though.

😁 I just want them to hurry up. (Design is not final)
I call it Social Media Pressure. They said it’s #38 on their priority list… they don’t know what they’re missing! N64 is life though. It’s either they trust me or I get fired. Good thing they forgot the NDA on this one. I guess they’re really busy.”

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether or not it has plans to release a Mini iteration of the Nintendo 64 as it did with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For now it seems as though fans can look forward to Hyperkin’s take on the console, even if it isn’t a top priority at the moment.

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