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NBA 2K18: How to Crossover


NBA 2K18: How to Crossover

The right moves.

How to Crossover in NBA 2K18

As has been the case with most NBA games, the gameplay can be very complex in NBA 2K18 if you attempt to learn every possible move, including all the dribbling moves. One of those moves, the crossover, can be very useful and will improve your game if you learn how to pull them off.

To do a crossover, you need to move the right stick to your player’s off hand and then quickly release it. Doing so will see the player perform the move and it’ll make him far more difficult to dispose.

You can also perform an escape crossover by doing what you need to for a standard crossover (holding the right trigger or R2). Alternatively, you can do a between-the-legs crossover by moving the right stick between the player’s off hand and their back, releasing it afterwards. Both of these complex dribbling moves are tough to pull off but they will give you a huge advantage on the court if you learn to use them correctly and chain them with other moves.

That’s how you perform a crossover in NBA 2K18. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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