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Life Is Strange Coming to iOS Later This Week

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Life Is Strange Coming to iOS Later This Week

Time traveling and teenage angst on the go.

Life is Strange has become quite the popular game since it originally launched back in 2015. The episodic game has only been playable on home consoles so far, but it will be coming to iOS later this month. Fans will now finally be able to experience the story on the go, starting with the first three episodes.

You can purchase the game application for $2.99, which includes the first episode of Life is Strange. The second and third episodes will be available to buy within the same day, while the final two chapters will launch in early 2018. There will also be a season pass for episodes 2-5 which will shave off 10 percent of the original price compared to buying them individually.

Life is Strange follows the story of a young girl, Max Caulfield, who moves back to her home in Arcadia Bay. Using her unique powers, players can rewind time and change the course of the story. For more information on the mobile version coming this Dec. 14, check out the App Store.

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