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Let This Sweet Little Pupper Keep Your Joy-Cons Safe


Let This Sweet Little Pupper Keep Your Joy-Cons Safe

Protect your Joy-Cons from all that “ruff” play.

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, we all had a field day over looking at the adorable Switch Joy-Con controllers and thinking about how cute they looked as little puppy faces. They seriously do. Have you looked at one lately?

Now accessory manufacturer Hyperkin has created an official “Pupper” controller attachment for your Joy-Con controllers as a grip you can purchase. It makes your controller look even more like a cute little puppy face, and it makes things even more secure, at that. There’s a curved grip, internal battery that lets you know the status of your Joy-Cons, and player number indicators as well. You can charge the grip via USB Type-C and use the stored power to juice up your Joy-Cons anywhere for on-the-go convenience.

Most importantly, it comes with three puppy smile stickers so you can make the grip look just like the puppy the Switch was always meant to be. That’s a good Pupper. Keeping those Joy-Cons safe and all!

Hyperkin’s Pupper controller isn’t available just yet, but you can keep an eagle eye out via Amazon for it to come in stock so you can make it yours. And watch Hyperkin start to count those stacks.


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