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Gran Turismo 6’s Servers Will Be Going Offline in March

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Gran Turismo 6’s Servers Will Be Going Offline in March

Time to say goodbye.

Gran Turismo 6 had a great run, but now it looks like it’s time for it to be making an eternal pit stop. Its servers will be shutting down as of Mar. 28, 2018 next year, after a lengthy four year run. Both the PlayStation 3 servers as well as its GTA Track Path Editor will be going away, so if you’re still playing it for some reason, you might want to go ahead and get in your last few months with the game.

If you’re not really interested in playing online and really have no need for the servers at all, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the game after March has come and gone. But after Jan. 31, 2018, any DLC distribution will end, as well as the Quick Match, Open Lobby, Seasonal Events, and other community elements of the game’s online components.

If you still have credits you haven’t used in the GT Store on Gran Turismo 6, make sure you use them before the servers shut down. Sony released a statement about that very thing:

Warning Regarding In-Game Credits

If you have deleted your game data after purchasing credits from the GT Store, please make sure to install/redeem the credits again before the end of the online service to have them available in-game. The installation/redemption of credits can be done in-game from [My Home] -> [GT Store] -> [Purchased Content]. It will no longer be possible to install/redeem credits after the end of the online service.

How to re-download Credits when your game data has been deleted

Even if you accidently delete your game data after the end of the online service, it will still be possible to re-download and re-install the credits. To re-download them, go to the [Download List] in the PlayStation®Store, or go to [PSN] -> [Account Management] -> [Purchase History] -> [Download List] from the PlayStation®3 XMB (Cross Media Bar).

Make sure you follow Sony’s instructions so you’re not shafted when the end finally comes.


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