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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Kill the Predator


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Kill the Predator

How to Kill the Predator in Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Hunt DLC has arrived in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and it has brought one of the most iconic extraterrestrial creatures of the cinematic universe to the country of Bolivia. Players can now hunt down the Predator and kill him in order to unlock some brand new items. If you’re willing to go toe-to-toe with the Predator, you’ll first have to find him.

Make your way to the Caimanes region and locate the mission BONUS – The Jungle Moved. The first part of the mission will ask you to speak to a girl who is clearly terrified by what she just witnessed. The blood on her arm is a warning that you’re in for quite the fight. Just in case that doesn’t drive the point home, be prepared to pass by dead bodies hanging in the trees.

After you visit the first two landmarks that appear on your map, the third and farthest one will present you with a crashed spaceship. At this point, you should know what’s coming next. You have entered the battle zone and need to take down the Predator.

Start out by seeking cover behind a tree, large rock, or anything else that can come between you and the Predator. Since he is able to move so quickly, his shots will be coming from multiple directions. This means that seeking cover will be far more effective than trying to actively dodge the gunfire. Keep in mind that you want to position yourself as close to the edge of the battle zone as possible. This will prevent the Predator from being able to appear behind you. Also keep in mind that this is a close combat situation, so using snipers could be a bit difficult if you can’t adjust your scopes quickly.

In Ghost Recon Wildlands’ single player mode, you will want to utilize your AI buddies effectively. Make sure you have someone on hand to heal you when necessary and use the others to distract the Predator. If you choose to bring friends along for a co-op battle, just make sure you’re coordinating your efforts to take the Predator down. Whoever the Predator is after should not be the attacker. This player should focus on staying alive and reserving their health. This is much easier said than done as the Predator is one heck of an enemy.

It will be up to the other players to detect the Predator’s position via his bullet trails and then fire away. If you see his glowing green blood making an appearance at this point, you’re doing a great job. Just pack your patience and understand that he will eat a ton of damage before he’s finally ready to give up.

Eventually the Predator will drop his cloak and stop moving. You will want to finish him off but keep your distance. Once the Predator is defeated he will drop down and activate a self-destruct device. When this happens, you and your entire team will need to quickly flee from the the battle zone, which is indicated by the yellow circle. Escape the blast radius and you’ll be able to relish in a hard-earned victory.

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